Leaflets4U Services

Leaflet Delivery Services

Do you need more business? A leaflet campaign could be the answer. We can plan your campaign from start to finish, as well as design your leaflet to help you get the best response possible.

Our main leaflet delivery services are listed below, but if you have special requirements, please call us on 01634 649 055 for a free consultation and quote.

The following services are for Leaflet distribution in the ME postcode. (Maidstone, Medway and Swale)

Solus Delivery – £49 per thousand

Solus services deliver your leaflet on its own, to the postcode areas that you require. This campaign ensures that you hit your target customers. We can usually commence a Solus leaflet delivery within 2 weeks of receiving your leaflet.

Shared Delivery- £30 per thousand

Shared delivery delivers your leaflet to the area you require in a set timescale. Your leaflet will be with up to three other non-competing leaflets.

Magazines, Samples and Bespoke deliveries

We can handle most deliveries. Please call us for a quote.

If you require a leaflet delivery service in other parts of Kent or London, Please call 01634 649 055 for more information.