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About Leaflets 4U

Leaflets 4U

Leaflets 4U is a local, expert and family run business that has been operating for over 5 years in the Medway area. We ensure our clients get the best possible return from their leaflet marketing campaign.

There are three areas that we are able to help you with your leaflet marketing. Please call 01634 649 055 if you require any further information.

1. Leaflet Distribution

When you hire us to deliver your leaflets, you can have total peace of mind and know that every leaflet you give us will be delivered through the right door. Our distributors are reliable and trustworthy individuals and we also make regular checks to ensure your leaflets are reaching your target customers.

2. Expert advice and leaflet design

Need help with the content and design of your leaflet? We can advise you on the best marketing message for your leaflet enabling you to get the best response from your campaign.

3. Printing

We have access to special offers enabling us to give you the best deal possible. Just let us know what you want and we can give you a competitive quote.

What we will do
  • Plan your leaflet campaign
  • Design your leaflet
  • Plan your delivery route
  • Provide you with completion reports including Maps
  • Provide an excellent service at great prices
  • Use reliable and trustworthy staff

Call Leaflets 4U today on 01634 649 055, to discuss your next leaflet distribution campaign.